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About Measuring

How precise is precision?

The truth is in the numbers: technical precision can always be expressed in numbers and can thus be exactly measured. All our work pieces are fabricated within the required dimensional, form, and position tolerances, which are recorded in an in-house log for each work piece. As a rule, a roughness protocol is provided at the time of delivery for each work piece having a ground surface. Upon request, our customers are provided with a protocol of actual dimensions obtained.

We are authorized by the German Technical Monitoring Association (TÜV-Süd) to re-certify materials and products for equipment requiring regular inspections under German law (Umstempelvereinbarung).

Examples of manual measuring devices:

- Slide gauges up to 2000 mm
- Micrometer gauge up to 1000 mm
- Internal measuring gauges
  up to 2000 mm
- Angle gauges
- Calibrating devices

Measuring machines and electronic measuring devices:

- CNC 3D Coordinate measuring
  machine (CMM)
  x-2000 mm, y-1000 mm, z-1000 mm
- Portable coordinate measuring devices
  (measuring arm)
- Roughness measuring devices
- Coat Thickness measuring devices
- Ultrasonic sensing instrument
  (wall thickness gauging)
- Magnetic crack detectors
- Shear force hardness testers